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Amo Residences comes with all modern conveniences you'd like to have at home

May 8

Amo Residences is located in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. It's just 5 minutes away of The Mayflower MRT station. It's situated in a region where residents who live there have stunning panoramic views across the wide open spaces. It's situated in an area with a lush vegetation which is natural. The park also includes the Bishan-Ang MoKio park. It is located near the entrance point of Lower Peirce Reservoir at doorstep.

Amo Residences are being built in partnership with one of the most renowned developers consisting of UOL, Kheng Leong and Singapore Land Group. The development will be built on 25 levels and consist of 350 homes with the view of Bishan-Ang Koo, which is located within the Park's Lower Peirce Reservoir and Shangri-la Park Landed Estate.

Major Expressways Two major expressways CTE connect the two regions, offering a continuous connection to other major cities, and until Singapore.

Students who attend schools located at Amo Residences, which are situated in a handful of elementary schools. Primary schools have been praised for their superior quality, including Ai Tong School and CHIJ St Nicholas are just one mile of this property. A majority of the top secondary and high schools, along with international schools are only two minutes away from this property.

The well-known and brand new project was created to draw the attention of people living in areas with views of the entire area . It's accessible via walking from Station 1 that is the base station of the Mayflower Metrorail. Mayflower Metrorail. Mayflower Metrorail. Mayflower Metrorail.

Amo Residences offers an array of amenities that were specifically designed to improve your overall wellbeing and wellness of the people who live there. Residents can unwind by enjoying the spa pool, and then enjoy relaxing after a long day. Let yourself be free from the stress of the day by taking fitness in the Health Center. It's effective and efficient.

It is possible to find a variety of types of apartments, ranging from a single room up to five bedrooms inside this property. The apartment is equipped with the latest features you'd expect to find in your home and encompasses the whole range of properties.

The carefully selected choice of top-quality materials will provide the look and design you desire in the interior of your home. A simple palette of marble, wood, and metallic accents is the perfect backdrop to showcase your individual style and design.

Each home at Amo Residences comes with luxurious fixtures made of the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line craftsmanship to give you the most extravagant living areas.

With an area (GFA) of 31,699 square meters , which is equivalent to 372 houses Homes are scheduled to be constructed within Amo Residences. Amo Residences is a project comprised of two towers that vary in height from 25 to 24 feet, that is the top of the line. Amo Residences will offer various residences. Based on the assumption that homes will be accessible to many people in the coming years and every property beginning with the smallest size and then increasing to the biggest size is expected to satisfy the needs of homeowners who are interested in buying. Due to the sheer size of the project it will be equipped with all the amenities needed for apartments. They include tennis courts, gyms and pools and courts that are utilized for special occasions and other amenities that residents are able to use.

The condominium is highly sought-after by investors and homeowners. It is a highly sought-after property for investors as well as homeowners. The Ang MoKio Condominium for residential properties is believed to be among the most significant developments constructed in the region in the last decade. It is situated inside the Thomson-Ang-Kio region, where there are numerous homes which are landlocked on the opposite side. Residents have breathtaking views of the tranquil surroundings. There are numerous parks, nature preserves , and nature reserves like Bishan-Ang MoKio park and Lower Peirce Reservoir will appeal to those who love outdoors activities.

The site chosen as the best site that will be suitable for the site to be used for this project is expected to allow residents with access to all cities in Singapore through an area within Mayflower MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line that takes less than five minutes of walking away from. It's also connected to The Central Expressway (CTE), Seletar Expressway (SLE) and the North-South Corridor that is the most effective method for transport for people in Singapore.

Amo Residences provide residents with every convenience for shopping, entertainment and entertainment all over Central China. It is located just 1km from the best elementary schools that include Ai Tong Primary School and the CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School.