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The pros and cons of medical marijuana

Dec 2


There is still much controversy about the therapeutic effects. More than 30 states in the United States allow medical marijuana. And an increasing number of them allow for recreational usage. The federal government has classified marijuana as a Schedule I controlled drug.


Federal law now makes it illegal to use marijuana. Additionally, medical research is not permitted to determine the benefits of cannabis.

There are many arguments both in for and against the legalization of marijuana. This article will examine the benefits and drawbacks of medical marijuana and the research data.

Americans support strongly the legalization of marijuana so go for Missouri medical marijuana card application. The Pew Research Center found that the majority of Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized. Sixty percent support legalization for medical and recreational marijuana and 31% are in favor of legalization for medical use only.


Medical marijuana cards from Missouri are proven to provide various health benefits, which include:


  • Nausea and vomiting: Marijuana can help with nausea and vomiting. Research has shown that cannabis may reduce nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

  • Marijuana can help relax muscles due to paralysis or multiple sclerosis.

  • Appetite Marijuana can aid in the treatment of appetite loss caused by illnesses such as HIV/AIDS as well as certain malignancies.

  • Chronic pain: Marijuana is an excellent option to treat chronic pain.

Here are a few benefits of the use of medical marijuana.


  • It's less risky: Marijuana is more secure than certain other pain relievers. For pain relief patients, there are some who opt to utilize marijuana instead of opioids. Opioids can be addictive, therefore they should not be used long-term to treat chronic pain.

  • It can be used in a variety of ways. There are many choices for cannabis-related products, such as CBD oil (CBD) edibles as well as topical pain relief food items and others that are not smoking.

  • There's no need to get high: Researchers are discovering benefits from the different components of cannabis as they continue to study. Certain compounds, like CBD, can be isolated to offer alternatives to treatment that don't involve the THC component.

  • It's logical. Marijuana has had positive effects for centuries.

The Negatives

Although marijuana has numerous benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Here are some of the arguments offered by those who are against its use


  • Memory: Regular Marijuana use can result in short-term memory loss.

  • Cognition: Excessive use can cause cognitive impairment (thinking).

  • Lung damage: Smoking marijuana or tobacco can cause lung tissue damage.

  • Furthermore, marijuana use may increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

  • The risk of abuse and addiction to marijuana could result in dependence.

  • Marijuana use impairs driving skills and raises the likelihood of an accident in a car.

  • Prohibited: Marijuana is illegal in the United States. According to the federal Controlled Substances Act, Marijuana (along with heroin) is classified as a Schedule I drug. The substances aren't currently approved for use in medical settings.


Medicare does not permit Marijuana-derived Medications. Research is still sparse.

In the past, there have been limited clinical trials that examined the possibility of using marijuana to treat specific ailments. But with the growing popularity of medical marijuana, it is more widespread throughout the world, more studies is conducted.


Expert reviews of research however remain in the same position that further research is necessary. In addition, there are major issues to be faced, such as the balance between the quality and dosage of cannabis with the legal sources that researchers have access to. The long-term effects of cannabis, based on one study of data remain undetermined. The scientific evidence on the therapeutic properties of cannabis remains in doubt unless additional research into dosage and harmful effects is conducted.


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